A mysterious, enclosed space in which an exciting and unpredictable game is played. Give your colleagues the day of their lives and put this mobile Escape Room at your location! Since this year, companies are allowed to spend 1.2% of the total tax pay on personnel costs. These are also company outings. Are you organizing an activity such as a mobile Escape Room on your own property? Then it is not seen as a company outing and is therefore not counted as a reward for the labor costs scheme. This offers possibilities! A nice break for the employees Normally you are a team for a day or even a whole day lost when a team outing is organized. The work remains, not to mention all the costs associated with it. This escape time of the mobile escape room can be adjusted to the time you want to devote to it. From a quarter to an hour per game, there is a suitable option for everyone. An efficient way to anlysate the team Where are the forces of the department? On which points can they work more effciently? Who is the driving force and are there still hidden talents to be discovered within the team? In a short time it becomes visible where the strengths and weaknesses of the team lie. A professional coach can be deployed to solve problems within the team. "YOU CAN DISCOVER MORE ABOUT A PERSON IN AN HOUR OR PLAY THAN IN A YEAR OF CONVERSATION" PLATO Friendly

competition between departments Which team needed the least time to escape? What can be learned from them? How are they dealt with setbacks?

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