Cyber Cash Escape Room

NEW! The Escape Room Cyber ​​Cyber ​​Security Truck. We don't only think big, but now also a small version of a Cyber ​​Security Escape Room. Now also to be used as fun at your event, office day, party o.i.d.

The Mobile Escape Room is built in an old cash truck, which can be rented and can be placed on location as desired. 5 people can play per round, the duration is 30 minutes per game.

Unique Selling Points:

  • 50 people per day
  • On location as desired
  • Serious and fun in one
  • Team building

Can also be used as a marketing tool or at trade shows.


Het verhaal

Wordt jij samen met je team Bitcoin miljonair?

De Cyber Cash is speciaal ontwikkeld voor het transport van Bitcoins. Lukt het jullie om binnen 30 minuten het alarmsysteem uit te schakelen en de truck met Bitcoins te verlaten?