Cyber Security

Is cyber security an issue within your company? Then we have the solution. We are Escape Room Designer and have a Cyber ​​Security Escape Room, which is for rent and can be placed at your location for training and awareness of Cybercrime.

Together with a Cyber ​​Security specialist, it will be clear in 45 minutes what the dangers of cybercrime are. You play the Cyber ​​Security game for 30 minutes, after which you talk to an expert for 15 minutes. (Can be your own Expert)

This Cyber ​​Security training is ideal for all your employees to take a first step towards a safer working environment.

Parts that are covered are phishing, cyber ​​Security, privacy, GDPR, social engineering, mobile equipment, ransomware, USB-drop and hotline.


  • On location as desired
  • 80 people per day
  • Seriously and fun in one
  • To be implemented between the work
  • Teambuilding

The package can be expanded with:

1.Spy catcher

Nick Meulmeester, an expert in the field of humor, started his career as a recruiter and agent handler at the then Internal Security Service (now AIVD). He was later coordinator with the task of tracing Russian submarines and took various positions with the Navy Intelligence Service (Marid / MIVD). He was also involved in setting up the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

Nick has a lot of life experience when it comes to Cyber ​​Security, Humint, Counterintelligence, Insider trade and living under a different identity. After playing our Cyber ​​Security Escape Room, he will tell his story and give more information about the dangers of this.

2.Phishing simulation

The training starts with a phishing simulation, in which a realistic cyber attack is simulated. Is the "malicious link" being clicked? If yes, how often? And is sensitive information also left behind? Sometimes direct access to the server environment is provided.


After the Escape Room and the conversation with the expert, an online assessment follows that provides even more insight into the current level of awareness and cyber security among employees. Afterwards, the organization receives a report of the findings and further explanation follows.

What does a Security Awareness Diagnosis provide you with?
  • Insight into the actual behavior of employees;
  • Insight into the current resilience of employees to cyber incidents;
  • Insight into the operation of measures related to the human factor;
  • Results work as a mirror for employees, creating an open attitude for possible training, advice and improvements;
  • Findings in the report offer the possibility to further optimize processes and procedures.






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The Story

The story A daunting glimpse into the work of four foreign spies. They look like normal businessmen, behave nicely during their stay in the Netherlands. Thanks to a tip from the British, the MIVD soon finds out that it is not just four men .... All the evidence in the command wagon is in danger! Based on a true story in the Netherlands.

Do you dare?

Did you know that we also have a VR training?

The Cyber ​​Security Escape Room is easy to combine with our
VR training trailer with a capacity of 50 people per hour. More information: VR Room mobile