Safety Escape Room

Looking for Safety Awareness training?

They sometimes say, "You can learn from making mistakes. But what if you can't afford to make mistakes? At Escape Room Designers, we design escape rooms that we use largely for training. Thanks to our real live games, such as our Safety Escape Room, we can create a safe working environment that allows for the biggest mistakes without anyone getting hurt. Our escape room offers a realistic way of learning. This connects employees with each other and teaches them safe behavior in dangerous situations within a similar environment to the one in which they work. The solution is available to everyone.

Thinking, doing and experiencing
We help you by making your employees aware of the dangers of an unsafe workplace and of certain cumbersome safety practices. Together with a safety specialist, you will discover in 45 minutes what the dangers in your workplace might be. You play the safety game for 30 minutes, after which you spend 15 minutes chatting with an expert. This may also be your own expert. The game can be filled to your liking and the escape room can be placed in any location.

Unique selling points:
- On location as desired
- 80 people per day
- Serious and fun
- To be implemented between work
- Team building

The training is designed for:
- Offshore
- Petrochemistry
- Fire Department
- BVD 400 Commander
- COM 500 Communications
- OGS 1000 Hazardous materials

Topics covered:
- Safety, health and environment
- Major Accident Prevention (MAPP).
- Life-saving rules
- Safety procedures
- Work instructions
- Personal protection
- Reporting Incidents
- Emergency situations and evacuation
- Fines
- Emergency numbers
- Quality Management
- Digital safety passport (DSP).
- Lock out tag out (LOTO)

This Safety Awareness training is available as:
- Mobile Escape Room Trailer
- Escape Motorboat
- Escape Sailboat
- Pop-up Escaperoom






minutes per game

capacity up to
players per day
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The story

The Netherlands has foiled a major hacking operation. You get an insight into the work of real spies. They look like ordinary businessmen; they behave nicely. Thanks to a tip, the Secret Service soon finds out that these are not just four men, but notorious hackers. The Secret Service follows the men from a command car and tries to gather as much evidence as possible. The men find out and in the dead of night place a bomb in the command car. All evidence is at risk! Do you guys know how to stop the bomb in time? During the game, participants see that their company could be the next target....