Escape Sailboat

In addition to the mobile trailers, we also created an escape room in a sailboat. We use these for awareness training in the areas of cyber security, safety and undermining. We do not place this escape room in your parking lot, but we put the boat at your dock. So you and your employees can enjoy this exclusive activity and together we create more awareness of these important issues in a fun and interactive way.

Together with a specialist you will discover in 45 minutes what the interests or dangers of Cyber Security, Safety or Undermining are. Participants play the game for 30 minutes, during which they are enticed to make mistakes. They do this in groups of up to 6 people. Afterwards, an expert maps the mistakes and suggests how employees can improve their behavior to work more safely to prevent incidents.

The topics:
- Cyber Security
Topics that may be covered here include: phishing, cyber security, privacy, free wifi, CEO fraud, AVG, social engineering, mobile devices, ransomware, USB and hotline
- Safety
Items that may be covered here include: safety, health and environment, major accident prevention (MAPP), lifesaving rules, safety procedures, work instructions, ATEX, personal protection, incident reporting, emergencies and evacuation, fines, emergency numbers, quality management, Digital Safety Passport (DSP) and lock out tag out (LOTO)
- Undermining
Areas that may be covered here include: crime, (human) smuggling, drugs, money laundering, phishing, fraud and scams

Unique selling points:
- At your dock
- 60 people per day
- Serious and fun
- To be implemented between work
- Team building
- Onboarding policies


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Serious en fun in één

Speelduur: 30 minuten per spel

Gewicht: 8000 KG

Lengte: 13m

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