Social Distancing - 1.5M Office Awareness Training

Corona outbreak in your company? If an outbreak within your company, the activities will be completely shut down for at least two weeks. This means, no income and a lot of costs. To prevent this, we have developed a training in the field of social distancing.

Working safely in the office while observing the 1.5 meter distance from each other can be done in an office space if you make the right agreements and choose the right design. It requires some getting used to and that is why we at Escape Room Designer B.V. developed an awareness game.

Frank Kastelein, Manager Escape Room Designer BV: “The 1.5 meter Office Awareness Game is a good initiative that contributes to reducing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Game has been developed to be able to work at an appropriate distance with each other within office environments. It offers employees and visitors the confidence that the measures taken to limit the risk of contamination have actually been implemented. ”

Why this game?
Demand came from the market. At Cushman & Wakefield they have made a 6 feet office and that looks very good. But making employees and visitors aware of all these new rules was a challenge. With our expertise in the field of Cyber ​​Security and Safety training in our mobile Escape Rooms, we have a lot of experience in making awareness training attractive. When people experience a training as fun, they are more enthusiastic and remember more of the rules that must be enforced.

For whom?
This game / training is for governments and companies, large or small, who will soon be inviting employees to the office again and are faced with the challenge of making all their employees and visitors aware of the new security measures. The training can be played within the company or externally at a hotel, sports complex or in our Experience & Creation Center. A maximum of 10 sessions per day can be played per location.


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The story

The game is a real live Escape Room, which takes place in a conference room. This room contains the vaccine against the coronavirus. The competition has found out and has planted a bomb to destroy the vaccine. If this bomb goes off, the vaccine will be lost and we'll stay in Lockdown for years to come. Are you able to fully comply with the new rules of the RIVM and to defuse the bomb? The game can be played by 5 to 8 participants per 30 minute session. The game is played one degree higher in the safety protocol. This means that participants are wearing masks and gloves during the game. When the game is over, there will be a 15 minute discussion with a coach and / or expert. (This could also be someone from your own company).