Play Case Cyber Security

Looking for an approachable way to keep your staff sharp on Cyber Security? Then book our new Escape Room Playcase now. In 10 minutes, we have participants play games all about cybercrime. This can be done during coffee breaks or just between work. The case is accessible to everyone and can be placed in the reception area, for example. Create more awareness and take a step toward a more secure cyber work environment!

The play case resets itself after each game, it is easy to operate and move. Book the Playoff Cyber Security now for several months at your office.

Unique selling points
- Accessible
- Talk of the day
- Gamification
- Instructive
- Deployable for longer periods of time

Donate to the CliniClowns
Do you make it to the escape room within the allotted time? Then an amount will automatically be transferred to the CliniClowns.


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