Turn security awareness training into a 360º experience with the "VR Battle game"

Make employees aware in a fun way of the everyday risks of cyber crime and their role when it comes to information security.

How does the VR Trailer security awareness work? 

Our trailer is placed in front of your company "and the VR battle can begin" You will be guided by a host who will explain what he/she expected of you. In teams of a maximum of 2 x 7 people, two teams play the VR awareness game against each other. This amounts to a maximum of 28 people per hour and approximately 224 per day.

Which team has the best answers and the fastest time?

Immediately after the game the results are known, who scored the best as a team and which participant gave the best answers? Through this game the participants become aware of: Cyber ​​risks at work and how security incidents can be prevented.

Discover how important your role is when it comes to protecting valuable business information. Active role of user: as a user you are the main character, without your input you will not get further. Maximum effect: you learn faster and remember better, because you are guided by your curiosity. Reduces the number of security incidents: clear goals, fast feedback and the active role of the user contribute to a new way of working. Talk of the day.

* A
t location
* Fun
* Awareness training
* Team building
* Talk of the day

Price indication: Euro 22.50 per person incl. Transport staff excl. Cyber ​​Security expert. More information: Click here