Awareness training Drugs Lab

Is there a problem area or neighborhoods in your area? And do you want to fight organized crime in a fun and unique way? Not only fun, but also learning.

What to do if your gut feeling indicates that something is going on, where should you be and especially what should you do? By using our real life game Drugs lab Escape Room, we create togetherness and awareness in the field of drugs or a subjects of your choice. Our tool can also be a solution for the police, fire brigade, house construction and insurers. The approach will be different for each target group. Our Escape Rooms can all be adapted to your wishes, both in terms of purpose and theme. We create a safe working environment that allows for the greatest mistakes, without injuring anyone. A drug lab is discovered every day, but what are the right rules? When do you enter a building? Realistic practice in such an environment is not only safe and educational, but also a unique way of working together and fun.

Escape Room Designer has developed a mobile Escape Room especially for Fire Brigade, Police, municipalities, housing construction, insurers and associations. The Escape Room is a realistic way of learning. It connects the Fire, Police and ROGS and they learn to show safe behavior in dangerous situations within a comparable environment as a real Drugs lab. Wishes are discussed and implemented in the game in advance.

Which parts can be in the game:
- Entering drugs-lab 
- Looking around
- Search
- Seizure
- Actions
- Recognizing materials
- Types of drugs
- Symptoms of Drugs

The Escape Room will ensure that awareness of safety will be increased.

The story (as desired)
A Crystal Meth lab is discovered and must be evacuated. The lab's chemical process needs to be carefully stopped, but how do you actually do that? By properly training employees, you can safely teach them how the process works. During the game they discover various booby traps and even a bomb. by responding appropriately, the bomb can be defused.

Together with a specialist, it will become clear in 45 minutes what the dangers are and how, for example, you can evacuate a Crystal Meth lab. (theme as desired) You play the game for 30 minutes, after which you talk to an expert for 15 minutes.

Fire brigade scenario
The mobile Escape Room is placed at a Fire Station, various surrounding Fire Departments, Polite and ROGS come to this barracks and play the awareness game.

Scenario municipalities and citizens
Municipalities can use the Escape Room within certain residential areas. To make local residents aware of the dangers of, for example, a Crystal Meth lab within their environment. In addition, the local residents are alerted where to go if they suspect someone of drug trafficking or production. They must dare to testify and ensure anti-subversion. The Escape Room is also for the municipalities themselves, they also often come into contact with drug-related matters. But what exactly should you do if you are confronted with a drug store?

Insurance scenario
Insurance companies benefit from prevention of, among other things, drug cases. Certainly towards housing corporations, you point people to dangers they have never seen but have heard of. And in this way, the experience is displayed in a safe way, to learn how to respond to these situations.

- Exercise on location as desired
- 80 people per day
- Serious and fun in one
- Team building

In front of:
- Law enforcement
- Fire brigade
- Township
- Citizens
- Housing construction
- Associations
- Insurers
- Staff






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