Cyber Security Truck

Looking for subversion awareness training?

At Escape Room Designer, we build escape rooms that we use for training, among other things. Our Cyber Cash Escape Room is built inside a cash-in-transit truck. We use this for training on awareness of undermining. Undermining means: the intertwining of the underworld with the upper world. It is a complex phenomenon of which the media is full. It is important to alert both citizens and government personnel to signs of undermining crime. Together with a specialist, you will discover in 30 minutes what the dangers of subversion are. You play the game for 25 minutes, after which you spend 5 minutes chatting with an expert.

The Cyber Cash Escape Room is available for rent and can be placed on location.

Capacity: up to 10 groups of up to 5 players per group. So a maximum of 50 people per day
Play time: approximately 30 minutes
Occupation: including gamemaster
Dimensions: 4.5m by 2.4m
Supplies: 220/230 volts


The story

The Cyber Cash is designed specifically for transporting bitcoins. Will you manage to disable the alarm system and leave the truck with bitcoins within 30 minutes?
Will you and your team become bitcoin millionaires?