Cyber Security Truck

NEW! The Escape Room Cyber ​​Cyber ​​Security Truck. We not only think big, but now also a small version of a Cyber ​​Security Escape Room. Are you looking for awareness training in the field of Cyber ​​Security? Then we have the solution. The Mobile Cyber ​​Security Escape Room is built in an old money transport truck, which can be rented and can be placed on location for training and awareness of Cybercrime. Together with a Cyber ​​Security specialist, it will take 45 minutes. become clear what the dangers of cyber crime are. You play the Cyber ​​Security game for 30 minutes, after which you talk to an expert for 15 minutes. (May be your own Expert) This Cyber ​​Security training is intended to make a first step towards a safer working environment. Components that will be covered are: Phishing, Cyber ​​Security, Privacy, AVG, Social engineering, Mobile equipment, Ransomware, USB, Free Wifi and CEO fraud.

Universal Selling Points:

  • 50 people per day
  • On location as desired
  • Serious and fun in one
  • To implement between work by deploying
  • Teambuilding

Can also be used as a marketing tool or at trade shows.


The story

Whether you and your team become a Bitcoin millionaire?

The Cyber Cash has been specially developed for transporting Bitcoins. Will you manage to switch off the alarm system within 30 minutes and leave the truck with Bitcoins?