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Cybercrime lesson in mobile escape room

Cybercrime is hot. So hot that there is now a real cybercrime escape room. This is a mobile escape room, which can be rented for a full or half day. Participants are hacked for half an hour and then talk with a professional about exactly what was covered and how to deal with it.

One and all was developed by Escape Room Designer from Stampersgat, Brabant. This company says it wants everyone to understand these dangers in an educational way. The former command trailer has been converted into an escape room that deals with various topics within cybercrime.

Says creator Frank Kastelein, "We've come up with a fun game in which we entice people to do things they shouldn't. These include using an unknown USB stick, paying a ransom in a ransomware hack and opening a phishing email. You notice that participants do everything wrong because of the time pressure.

Cybersecurity experts

"You notice that because of the time pressure, participants do everything wrong."

Kastelein deliberately involves ict workers in developing the escape room. 'Ict students from Hogeschool Zoetermeer helped develop props for the escape room. In addition, participants receive interpretation from a cybersecurity expert after the escape room. For this we work with partners such as De Gezonde Digitale Organisatie (DGDO), a subsidiary of it service provider Nemesys Groep from Oud-Beijerland.'

Infosecurity and Data & Cloud Expo

The escape room was first introduced last fall during Data & Cloud Expo at the Utrecht Jaarbeurs. 'This was an immediate success. Many large banks, municipalities, companies and healthcare institutions have already hired our escape room after the introduction to make their employees more aware of the dangers of cybercrime. We are therefore busy developing a second escape room focused on cybercrime.'

Russian spies

Inspiration for this escape room came from the great publicity in October 2018 surrounding Russian spies who wanted to hack into the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague in April of the same year.

The participants in the escape room are supposedly in a trailer of the MIVD where a bomb was placed by these Russians as an act of revenge after the MIVD publicly pilloried them. The goal of the escape room is to defuse the bomb.

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Bomb dismantling in Stampersgat: here's where it can be done

A bomb was planted in a military trailer belonging to the MIVD. Because the Dutch government chose to publicly expose the four Russian hackers recently, Putin sent his best spy, Natascha, to blow things up. The bomb must be dismantled within an hour by completing various puzzles and tasks in escape room Cyber Security by Escape Room Designer in Stampersgat.

Several puzzles must be solved. The escape room is suitable for six to eight participants and cooperation is much needed to dismantle the bomb within an hour. For example, there is a box with colored buttons that light up and you have to remember which button is which color. For someone without a photographic memory, this is not doable on their own, according to the designer. Once the puzzle is solved, a door opens to the next part of the escaperoom. ''The time pressure makes you be yourself within a minute. You move under the stress of a bomb about to explode and it's fun to see how everyone behaves then. It's all about collaboration and communication. We have a periscope that leads you through a maze when you look through it. You can go left and right. A joystick, in another part of the room, allows you to move forward and backward. You only find that out by trying all kinds of things and communicating with each other."


The escaperoom is not only fun and entertaining, it is also intended to educate participants about computer security. ,,All the common mistakes regarding cyber security are reflected in the escaperoom. For example, at one point the phone rings and they ask for the date of birth. Actually, you shouldn't give them, because many people use their date of birth as their password. Also, we have free wifi here, which is totally dangerous. If you connect with that, you'll be hacked in no time. We want to make people aware of dangers while having fun in the meantime."

Frank Kastelein makes mobile escaperooms out of truck trailers. Pictured with Cas, Demi and Mélanie.

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